Ingenious, Astonishing and Curious Ariege Valleys

From CP to CM2

The objectives of this stay are to discover mountain ecology, sensory awareness, natural and industrial heritage and biodiversity. Introduction to map reading and orienteering. Introduction to the world of llamas. They can approach them, stroke them, brush them and feed them. Children will observe the life of the herd, the youngsters with their mother and their work in the mountains.

Enfant moins de 12 ans
2 days
1 nuit
1 night full boardRelais montagnard d'Orlu
2 daysAriege Valley


Day 1: 10:00 am: Guided tour of the Lombrives cave
After taking the little train to the cave entrance, children will discover a gigantic underground world and marvel at what water can create.

On this immersive tour, pupils will discover the karstic network and its astonishing concretions with evocative names: the mammoth, the witch, the octopus… This underground walk is also an opportunity to learn about events that have marked our history: the Bronze Age or Catharism; and to let yourself be carried along to the rhythm of tales and legends: the love story uniting Hercules and Princess Pyrene (Lombrives is said to house Pyrene’s tomb), the legend of the Lombrives brigands or the story of the giants who populated this cave.

We propose to create, in collaboration with the teacher, à la carte visits that will be fun, educational and adapted to the pupils.

Please note: the cave is a natural environment, and its route is sometimes uneven. The tour route is relatively simple and accessible; it does, however, include a narrow, low passage, a small suspended walkway and a long staircase. We can provide an alternative route without these obstacles if required. Walking shoes and warm clothing are highly recommended.

The afternoon is devoted to “the river told me ….” : a short stroll along the banks of a mountain river to discover this little-known yet vibrant ecosystem. L’observatoire de la montagne is the specialist in educational field discoveries involving observation, reflection and determination.
Hurry up the landing net, which, fresh from the Oriège, is wriggling with little aquatic insect larvae! A paintbrush and a magnifying glass are welcome to capture, observe and identify these beautiful creatures without harming them. The Oriège is a mountain stream teeming with life that will appeal to young and old alike, so rich is its fragility: a good opportunity to learn how to protect them.

The Orlu treasure hunt combines education and fun around the activities that keep the valley alive (forges, hydroelectricity, wildlife reserve…). A map, a booklet, a touch of curiosity and an adventurous instinct, and off you go to explore the little Forges d’Orlu valley, dotted with clues and markers to find. (1 adult per group of around 5 – location: around the observatory, on the trail).

Picnic (not provided) in the valley.

20:30: Evening of tales and legends from Ariège

2nd day: 10:00: llama farm on the village of Saleix.

A project designed and led by the llameros: activities and workshops of your choice day or 1/2 day. Label FERME ECOLE and FERME DECOUVERTE

Access on foot from Auzat via a small path (20mn walk) or access with a 30-seater bus

Workshops to choose from: 3 to 4 for the day

– Guided tour, in the meadows the park among the free-roaming llamas, around the discovery of the animal: behavior, feeding, reproduction, use … and other secrets (1 to 2 hours).

– Animal contact and care, brushing and feeding (1 hour)

– Activities on the history of wool, demonstrations, creation of llama wool objects to take home: spinning or weaving (1 hour)

– Discovery of local flora (1 hour)

– Activities around the environment and sustainable agriculture in mountain areas of the Pyrenees and the Andes Cordillera

– Workshop around the culture of Andean populations based on the use of llama, their wool and clothing (1 hour)

– Lunging llama rides led by children around Saleix (1 to 4 hours)

Picnic on site. End of the day around 4:00 pm


The Orlu mountain relay, full board from dinner on day 1 to lunch on the last day (bed linen and snacks not included).

Price includes

full-board accommodation from dinner on day 1 to lunch on the last day

draps included

activities and visits mentioned above, a storytelling evening

Price does not include


non-supplied snacks,


April to October

Price per person – based on 30 children

Child 75€ (under 12 years old)
Adult: 54,50 €

The price of the stay may change depending on the accommodation center selected.


Office de Tourisme des Pyrénées Ariégeoises
La Résidence, 6 Avenue Théophile Delcassé
Gisèle Lacassin : 05 61 64 90 31 – groupes@pyrenees-ariegeoises.com