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An angler who knows how to fish

It's the opening!

River or pond fishing is a must in our valleys!

On the eve of the opening of fishing season in the Ariege Pyrenees, the house is buzzing with excitement! And for once, it’s not just us kids. Tomorrow’s the big day: river fishing opens! So we get down to checking our equipment: rod, reel, line, leader, bait,landing net, everything! We also check that you’ve got your fishing licence, bought at the Tourist Office, in case of any checks.


Opening of the fishing season

In our family, fishing is a family affair: Dad fishes in rivers and especially lakes, and when he met Mom, he passed on his passion. As a result, now she’s the one who’s hooked! She often tells us that a few years ago, while out hiking in the Siguer valley, she came across a fly fishermanatthePeyregrandpond. She was dazzled by this fishing technique, in this wild setting. When she talks about it, you can tell she’s still as moved as ever.

Tent and pole ready!

We're going fishing

Personally, my favorite part of the trip is fishing at altitude, when the lakes have thawed. Mum says that’s the best time, because the trout are hungry! We make sure the weather’s fine for several days, gather our hiking gear ( tent, comforters and the indispensable sausage and cheese duo!) and… off we go!

Once we’ve arrived at the lakeside, after pitching the tent (Dad always chooses the site), everyone sets up their gear and gives the first blows. I look at them, my contemplative side. The lake “curls”, and Mum already has a few “touches”. So she calls me over to hold the rod for a while, and I’m always surprised at the strength of the fish(trout? salmon?) as it stretches out its line…
The fight begins: you have to “tire” the fish, then bring it back to shore. In her hands, Mum delicately catches the tired fighter. She takes a close look at its beautiful colors and multiple reflections, and checks its size, before releasing it… or not!

Trout and salmon

For dinner!

Tonight, we’ll have brook salmon and fario trout for dinner! To work out which fish I’ve caught, I look at the drawings in the fishing guide, and also in the “Little Fisherman’s Guide” that was given to me when my parents had my card made. There are lots of fish stickers, and fun games to learn lots of things while having fun.


The true nature of the Pyrenees

Mountain lakefishing is fickle, according to Dad. There’s the morning rush and the evening rush. Sometimes it’s dead calm, so we take a nap. I take the opportunity to observe the sky, contemplate the clouds, watch out forisards, marmots… or go in search of wild blueberries!
As for me, my parents took me fishing in a fish farm, and the good thing is that the fish are easy to catch! But next time, I’d like to take a guiding course with Clément from Hook A Lip.

Fishing events

A natural summer!

During the summer vacations, I can take part in the free fishing activities (registration required at the tourist office) organized by the Fédération de Pêche, and meet other budding anglers!

Grab your rods… And happy fishing season!

Learn to fish

It's that simple

My parents took me to a fish farm to introduce me to the sport, and the good thing is that the fish are easy to catch! But next time, I’d like to take a guiding course with Clément from Hook A Lip.

Ariege's little extras
The Ariege Pyrenees, your oxygen bubble!

Looking for unspoilt nature, the great outdoors and white water?
In winter, ski, snowboard, skating, snowshoeing, sledging, dog sledding, at Ax 3 Domaines, Beille, Ascou and le Chioula, Mijanés and Goulier...

In summer, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding or canyoning...

And all year round, enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters at Ax-les-Thermes, Ussat-les-Bains or the Bains du Couloubret.
And don't miss the Grotte de Niaux and the Parc de la Préhistoire.

Not forgetting the history of our mountains and their heritage, pastoralism and local produce!

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