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The Ariege Pyrenees, it’s nature preserved, respected.

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Loving without damaging
Nature provides us with much more than just a contribution to our sustenance. It is a source of emotions and sensations. It provides us with unforgettable moments. The more we get to know it, the more passionate we become about it. And the more we love it, the more we respect it. That’s what the Ariege Pyrenees are all about: making you appreciate their nature so that you can play your part in preserving it.

Fun without abuse
Nature is a fantastic playground. A summit, a river, a meadow, a trail… everything is an opportunity to have fun, to enjoy yourself. It often takes nothing more than desire and a little effort to experience incomparable sensations. The only rule is to know how to behave in all circumstances. The one that protects us and the environment.

Sharing without disturbing
We often travel together to discover a territory or practice a leisure activity. We share our emotions. We also increase our safety, as it’s generally unwise to travel alone. However, we must adapt our behavior to limit the group’s impact on the environment. We must be careful not to trample the flora or make a loud noise. The survival of the flora and fauna is at the price of this precaution.

Let’s get together to sort our waste better!
Waste disposal is one of the key issues in safeguarding the environment and combating global warming.

It’s up to all of us who produce waste to produce less of it, and to sort it more and better.

Since November 1 in Ariège, all household packaging is to be disposed of in the “yellow garbage can” (bin, bag, container)… Click on the photos!

Accéder à la plaquette explicative “tri des emballage”

Pour les encombrants :

inscription obligatoire auprès de la CCHA au 05 61 64 41 77
Composting is the flagship measure for reducing waste, while benefiting from quality fertilizer in the garden. Your local waste collection authority makes composters available to you at very attractive prices. So don’t hesitate any longer, go compost,we’ll explain it all to you!
Waste collection days:

Communes de la CCHA
Communes de la CCPT
the Unac and Carcanière waste collection centers
the Arignac waste collection center
the Val de Sos waste collection center

Circulate without polluting!
Think about carpooling to get around the Ariege Pyrenees.

Charge your electric car!
Find Révéo charging stations for your car everywhere in Occitanie!!

– Révéo stations in Ax-les-Thermes, Luzenac, Tarascon-sur-Ariège, Vicdessos

Other charging stations in the Ariege Pyrenees

– Menuiserie FALCO
Z.A. de Perles et Castelet
7 kW type 3 charging station (recharges a Zoé in less than 3 hours) and 220v domestic socket. Available free of charge.
Free access Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 7:00pm.
Outside these hours, contact us on 06 07 79 54 46 for an access code.

– Garage La Coume
RN20 – Sinsat – 05 61 03 83 18


Ariège's little extras
Book your mountain vacation,

Book your mountain vacation for hiking in unspoilt natural surroundings, for outdoor and white-water activities, for visits to must-see tourist sites such as the Grotte de Niaux and the Parc de la Préhistoire... In winter, skiing, snowboarding, skating, snowshoeing, tobogganing and dog sledding are all on offer from Ax 3 Domaines to Beille, via Ascou and Le Chioula or Mijanés and Goulier... All year round, enjoy the benefits of thermal water for spa treatments at Ax-les-Thermes or Ussat-les-Bains, or relax at the Bains du Couloubret. The history and heritage of our mountains, pastoralism and local produce will add to your stay with unforgettable experiences... Don't miss the festivals and major events, and take advantage of the many activities for the whole family all year round... The Ariege Pyrenees, your bubble of oxygen destination!