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We often hear about burn-out among executives, company directors or hospital staff, but I’m none of those things. I’m just a “technical expert” and I don’t have anyone to answer to.
In a difficult economic climate, my company, like many others, is struggling, and the pressure to meet targets is continuous and burdensome. Living in a constant state of urgency and performance, always pushing my limits… I’m starting to lose my footing and neglect my family life and everything that doesn’t involve my professional activity. The result: anxiety, insomnia, loss of efficiency and performance at work. Then one day I fell, literally and figuratively, with the feeling that nothing could hold me back.
The paramedic came to pick me up, in the middle of the street, and I was taken to the emergency room, only to be sent home with a course of psychotropic medication. After nearly 6 months off work and follow-up by a psychologist, I gradually got back on track.
I discovered the existence of an anti-burn-out spa treatment at Ussat-les-Bains in the Pyrenees at a wellness fair in Paris. Encouraged by the people around me and my doctor, I decided to give it a try. I contacted the spa by telephone, and they sent me a complete package of information to help me prepare for my stay. Thanks to my GP, who had written a prescription for the treatment, I was able to obtain health insurance cover for the cure.

So I decided to give it a try.

Accommodation in USSAT

I made the choice to come accompanied by my wife, who has always supported me and who will also be able to take advantage of the wellness treatments to decompress.
We arrived on a Sunday morning at the spa town of Ussat-les-Bains for the start of my 18-day cure the very next day.
We rented a 2-person suite at the Hôtel Thermal du Parc 3*** with the “meal tray” option so we didn’t have to worry about cooking, although each accommodation in the hotel has its own fully-equipped kitchenette.

Crenotherapy treatments

From the very first day of treatment, the spa doctor welcomes me for a consultation and suggests a program of daily spa treatments. It lasts 1h30 every morning, from Monday to Saturday.
The program includes an underwater manual massage, a general jet shower, a whirlpool bath with aerobath and an underwater abdominal shower. The program is rounded off by a drinking cure, which consists of drinking 1 glass of spa water, particularly rich in magnesium sulfate, silica and lithium. I am also welcomed by the psychologist in charge of the therapeutic support program specializing in burn-out.
A first day that is already allowing me to refocus on myself and release the first tensions.

The anti-burn-out program

Throughout the cure, the spa doctor and psychologist see me individually on several occasions, so they can adjust the spa treatment if necessary. A nurse is also present.
Every afternoon is devoted to specific activities. On the 1st day, a welcome meeting is organized where the tourist office is present, during which I get to know the other curists in the anti-burn-out group. On the 2nd day, I take part in my first “aquatic well-being” session. It takes place in a thermal pool, naturally warm at 32°C, and combines music therapy, relaxation and adapted gymnastics. I’m looking forward to repeating this relaxing activity every Tuesday afternoon.
I also take part in an information session on “RPP” (Relaxation Pneumo-Phonique). This is a new technique developed by a renowned speech therapist, which deeply relaxes the body and mind through breathing exercises combined with pressure and rocking. On my 3rd day of treatment on Wednesday, I take part in a discussion group led by the psychologist. It’s a moment I really appreciate, thanks to the quality of the listening from everyone, and it’s an opportunity to express myself about my experience without embarrassment, fear or judgment. It’s only natural that I should take part in the second discussion group scheduled for the third week.
At the adapted gymnastics session on Thursdays, I gently regain possession of my physicality, and get my body moving again. Thursday is also the day of the psycho-corporal relaxation session, led by a professional, where body and mind are simultaneously gently stimulated to let go. A true bubble of well-being!

Professionally supervised physical and psychological care

Professional physical and psychological care
At the end of the week, on Friday, I’m feeling much better and decide to take part in the nature walk. This gentle but active walk in the middle of nature allows me to put a little more strain on my tired but already recharged body. I enjoy the magnificent Ariège countryside, rich in flora, fauna and varied heritage.
During the other two weeks of the cure, I also take part in the introductory session to walking with poles. It’s an activity that gives me back a taste for effort, while gently working on my cardio and synchronization.
My favorite: surprisingly, I’ve also taken to the photo-language workshop, in which I play an active part, so much so that working with photos enables participants to express their difficult experiences in a different way.
Every Sunday afternoon, a visit to the town of Foix is organized. An opportunity to combine discovery of this beautiful medieval city with meeting other curists.

Le Départ

That’s it, we’re on the eve of departure…. The spa doctor sees me for the last consultation and sends me a letter for the attention of my GP. Then I take part in a debriefing meeting organized by the psychologist, where any participants who wish can express their feelings about the cure.
The treatments and activities on offer are, of course, highly effective, but I’m certain that the spa’s exceptional environment also plays a major anti-stress role


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