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Skiing in the fir trees at Ax 3 Domaines

A day on the slopes for two

Just an hour from Toulouse, a day of happiness and skiing awaits you at Ax 3 domaines. Escape the routine and experience an unforgettable day: skiing in the protected Bonascre forest, panoramic views from Le Saquet and the free-flowing Campels valley. Every moment brings you back to the essential, to the best that nature has to offer. You’ll be surprised to have experienced so much in so little time. Snow, the great outdoors, sport and well-being– all come together to create the ultimate holiday experience. It’s a real vacation day, from which you’ll return with a light mind and a serene body, full of sweet fatigue.

Skirail from Toulouse

The right plan for skiing

This morning, we’re off to Ax 3 Domaines, the nearest and easiest ski resort in the Ariège region from Toulouse. To think that we were both in the metro not even 2 hours ago, and here we are, arriving at Ax-les-Thermes, boarding the gondola that takes us to the foot of the slopes. It was Bastien who offered me the skirail ticket, which combines the train and the ski pass.

Nothing but the best

Discover the slopes of Ax les 3 domaines

My boyfriend got his first star here, so he knows the resort like the back of his hand. On the chairlift, he shows me the start of this morning’s run: the Campels sector, with the resort’s longest blue run: the Savis.

After 1 hour’s skiing on the white expanses, we’ve only seen one of the 3 areas! We head back up to Le Saquet, where the peaks sparkle as far as the eye can see. After a few runs, Bastien goes to warm up his thighs on La Tute, one hell of a black run! I stay in the snowpark, with its electro atmosphere: I love it!

On the way back, he takes me to the high-altitude restaurant Le Tétras, in the middle of the ski slopes, where we eat on the terrace, it’s so romantic… I’d love to stay there, it’s so nice in the sun!

Nature descent

Between the fir trees

I follow Bastien to the 3rd domain: on the Fontfrède piste, in the forest, it’s quiet, silent, natural snow, a few animal tracks, it’s like being alone in the world. A crazy turn on the run back to the resort, my darling speeds up, I can’t let myself get lost!
Full speed ahead on the Pylône, the last red run of the day, then full speed ahead on the long blue Bonascre run, lined with fir trees, which takes us back to the resort. Bastien tries a few jumps over the bumps created by the snow cannons.

It lives at the foot of the runway!

We settle down again on the terrace of the Karibou restaurant at the foot of the slopes for a special pancake snack! From here, we can see the little guys hanging from the gondola, the snow garden and even the ski school mascot – they’re really cute! It’s time for the medal ceremonies, and it’s great to see them so proud of themselves, applauded by their parents and instructors.

Bastien leaves for one last run, and I take the opportunity to surprise him with a snake-glide descent for the next vacations. I can’t wait to come back!

Descent to Ax

After the snow, feet in the water!

On the way back down to the spa town, we still have 30 minutes to catch the train. As we leave the gondola, a cloud of steam catches our eye… A must-see stop at the Axéenne pool to soak our feet in the hottest thermal water in the Pyrenees, “ça fait du bien”!

Ariège's little extras
The Ariege Pyrenees, your oxygen bubble!

Looking for unspoilt nature, the great outdoors and white water?
In winter, ski, snowboard, skating, snowshoeing, sledging, dog sledding, at Ax 3 Domaines, Beille, Ascou and le Chioula, Mijanés and Goulier...

In summer, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding or canyoning...

And all year round, enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters at Ax-les-Thermes, Ussat-les-Bains or the Bains du Couloubret.
And don't miss the Grotte de Niaux and the Parc de la Préhistoire.

Not forgetting the history of our mountains and their heritage, pastoralism and local produce!

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