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Goulier, a favorite resort

Family fun in the Vicdessos valley

In the heart of the Parc naturel des Pyrénées Ariégeoises, in the upper Vicdessos valley, the ski resort of Goulier-Neige is the epitome of the easy-to-reach family resort. At altitudes of between 1500 m and 1850 m, it’s an easy, friendly place to ski in an unspoilt natural setting. The area stretches for 30 kilometers to theAndorra andSpanish borders, dominated by Pyrenean peaks such as Pique d’Estats (3,143 m), Pic du Montcalm (3,077 m) and Pic de Sullo (3,072 m).

En route to Goulier

Our family ski outing

It was on the advice of experienced hiker friends that we discovered the Vicdessos Valley. During a summer weekend, we went hiking with our family in the Marc valley and, delighted by our outing, we promised ourselves to return in winter to ski at the Goulier Neige resort, warmly recommended by our friends. We left Toulouse early, and already the view of the snow-covered Pyrenees from the freeway was absolutely superb.

To make the most of it, we booked a room at an attractive rate at the Auberge du Montcalm, located at the bottom of the valley, 8 km from the resort. The view from the terrace over Montcalm is remarkable, the welcome warm and the room, simple and welcoming, just what we were looking for.

Leaving a few things behind, we cross the village of Vicdessos and take the winding road up to the resort through the forest. Big blue sky, snow-covered fir trees, a real picture-postcard landscape. The view is breathtaking as soon as we reach the parking lot: the little resort is nestled in a great white cirque, between frosted peaks and dense forest.

We go to the rental shop to pick up our equipment for the day. The staff are all smiles and available, and they adjust our skis with the utmost care for our little apprentice skiers.

Skiing for the whole family

Small in terms of the number of runs on offer, the resort is very friendly and welcoming. We leave our two children with David, the ESF instructor, and take advantage of the opportunity to make a series of runs. There’s little waiting time at the lifts, the resort is equipped with cannons, the snow cover is excellent and the groomer knows his job!

Afternoon sledging

Laughter guaranteed

After a compulsory lunch break, we pick up our children, delighted by their ski lessons, and our little family meets up at the resort’s snack bar for a well-deserved lunch on the terrace, all marvelling at the panorama.

It’s here that we learn that the summit overlooking the resort is called La Pique d’Endron, and according to local skiers, a great hiking trail in summer.

The afternoon is devoted to the children, and we all enjoy the toboggan run together. At 4pm, we return the rented equipment. Descending towards the valley, we end this pleasant day’s skiing with a hot chocolate in a Vicdessos café around a large fireplace.

Magic walk

Snowshoeing in the forest

After a good night’s rest at the Auberge du Montcalm, where we had eaten the previous evening’s meal, we rented our snowshoes at the Montcalm Aventure store on the manager’s advice. While Dad skied, the kids and I went for a walk in the forest around the resort. It’s a magical walk, with the silence of winter, snow-covered fir trees, blue skies, the crunch of virgin snow under our snowshoes, and animal tracks to marvel at.

Remarkable natural setting

An atypical and friendly resort

Used to larger resorts, we were won over by the family rates on offer. We happened to bump into the site manager, who invited us back to take advantage of the covered conveyor belt, pointing out that all the electricity used by the resort is 100% generated by the many dams in the Haute-Ariège region.

A family resort par excellence, well-suited to all levels of skier and budget-conscious skiers, we’ll be back to ski here very soon, as we’ve been won over by this atypical, friendly resort with an absolutely remarkable natural setting!

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