Boucle entre en Beys et Naguille

Loop between En Beys and Naguille

Sport, Pedestrian sports, Hiking itinerary in Orlu
24.0 km
  • An itinerary along the river that takes you to the heart of the Orlu National Wildlife Reserve. With its rich flora and fauna and spectacular hydroelectric structures, you'll enjoy a breathtaking mountain experience.

  • Access: From Ax-les-Thermes, head for Orlu. Pass through the villages of Orgeix and Orlu to Les Forges d'Orlu. The hike begins at the parking lot.
  • Guidebook with maps/step-by-step
    Day 1:
    Parking des Forges d'Orlu - Refuge d'En Beys
    Duration: 4 hours / Ascent +: 1040 m / Ascent -: 0 m

    Pass in front of the mountain observatory, then between the wolf house and Orlu's Acrobranch park. Cross the Oriège river to follow a small yellow-marked path on the left bank, which becomes a track.
    After about 1 hour's walk, you'll see the Fanguil Reserve parking lot on your left. Stay on the left bank and pick up a track that leads to the Justiniac jasse. The markings change to red and white. Continuing on this track, you arrive at the jasse d'En Gaudu where you can observe numerous marmots (2h).
    At the end of the jasse, leave the track to cross the Oriège on a wooden footbridge and follow a small path up into the beech forest. You finally leave the forest and arrive at the Balussière jasse.
    a short climb and a few hairpin bends, you can refresh yourself at a roadside spring at around 1,700 m altitude (3h).
    The path continues to climb between birch and rowan trees, then makes a long traverse through rhododendrons to reach a stone-built culvert that leads to a small pass with a view of the Etang d'En Beys (4h).
    The refuge is only 5 minutes away, hidden behind a small knoll to the right of the Etang d'En Beys. Here you'll find a warm welcome and friendly accommodation and catering. Reservations required.

    Day 2:
    Refuge d'En Beys - Parking des Forges d'Orlu
    Duration: 6 hours / Ascent +: 410 m / Ascent -: 1450 m

    At the southern end of the Etang d'En Beys, leave the GR 7 and follow the red and yellow markings to the Couillade d'En Beys. The path passes several small ponds before climbing westwards.
    The climb is steep at first, before you reach a first cirque and then a small collet that makes you think you've arrived. There's still a short climb before you reach the real pass, the famous Couillade d'En Beys (2345m) (1h30). In fact, the path passes at the foot of the southern spur of the Pic d'En Beys.
    The panorama opens out onto the cirque des Peyrisses and you'll see the Etang d'En Beys behind you, which now seems far away. The descent is not to be underestimated. It's never very difficult, but quite long, especially from Lac de Naguille... The trail first twists and turns, then crosses over to Lac de Naguille.
    Pass close to the Echouzé huts (known as des Sounges) (2h30). Then follow the left bank of the large lake (1900m). The descent steepens below the dam (3h30), first through lush vegetation, then through a beautiful beech forest to the Forges d'Orlu parking lot (6h).
  • Departure
  • Access: From Ax-les-Thermes, head for Orlu. Pass through the villages of Orgeix and Orlu to Les Forges d'Orlu. The hike begins at the parking lot.
  • Environment
    • Mountain location
    • Pond within 5 km
    • Close to GR footpath
    • In a nature reserve
  • Spoken languages
    • French
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