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Cro-Magnon winter

From CP to CM2

Discover the winter mountain environment with snowshoes in a fun and educational way, living the experience of the Cro-Magnons in winter 15,000 years ago.

At the end of the last ice age, the Ariège was a welcoming land for Magdalenian hunters who came to hunt and fish … Every day was an adventure. The lives of these men have inspired us to create a range of fun, educational and participatory activities to rediscover ancestral know-how.

Enfant moins de 11 ans
3 days
2 nuits
2 nights full boardAriege Pyrenees welcome center
3 days on the resortcro-magnon trail - igloo building


The Cro-Magnon snowshoe trail:

Learning: snowshoeing through adventure terrain in the manner of prehistoric man, playing with the terrain.

Tracks and clues of forest dwellers on snowshoes:

To feed themselves, Cro-Magnon man knew how to hunt and read all the tracks left by animals in the forest. Children in turn learn to recognize footprints, hairs, meal tracks and passageways.

Learning: Searching, observing and recognizing signs of wildlife presence.

Snowshoe thruster shooting (CE2 to CM2):

Snowshoes on, hunting party in Cro-Magnon skin with thruster and assegais. Prehistoric biathlon. Children discover this hunting technique and learn to reproduce these gestures, over 30,000 years old.

Learning:Human adaptation to a wild natural environment, evolution of hunting tools.

Igloo building:

Cro-Magnon man used snow and the natural environment to build shelters. When he couldn’t reach his home, he built igloos to spend the night. Children also build a real igloo where they can take shelter.
Learning: Organization, teamwork, adaptation of man’s habitat, snow conditions. Challenge to build their own shelter in the snow as a team.


Hosting centers in the Ariege Pyrenees with full board from dinner on day 1 to lunch on the last day.

Price includes

full-board accommodation from dinner on day 1 to lunch on the last day

the activities mentioned above supervised by mountain guides (1 for 12)

one evening

Price does not include





Price per person – from

Children €156 (under 14)
Adults €98

Program and prices non-contractual. The order of activities may be modified according to the weather and the number of children.

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