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The magical world of trees

From CE1 to CM2

The aims of this trip are to make students aware of the need to respect trees and the environment, to encourage exchanges between students, to develop self-confidence and the ability to surpass one’s limits, to enable students to master the fear of heights, to strengthen group cohesion and team spirit, and to awaken students’ curiosity through play and physical activity.

Enfant moins de 12 ans
3 days
2 nuits
2 nights full boardSuc et Sentenac accommodation center
3 days


The activity lasts 2h30, with a presentation between
the supervisory team and the students at the start of the session. The tree-climbing educators then present the trees that will be climbed, the equipment used, and the climbing techniques. They also highlight the fact that trees are living beings, and make the link with human beings (breathing, food…). During the activity, students become autonomous on their climb and thus take the time to familiarize themselves with the tree, which becomes a real playground for discovery (leaves, bark, nests, cavities…).

1 qualified tree climbing educator for every 8 participants.

Individual protective equipment for each participant: rope, harness, carabiners, tree survey sheets.

Participants must bring their own equipment: sneakers or hiking boots, soft sports pants or jogging pants, water (1 liter per person), waterproof jacket.

Day 1: Arrival in the morning at your accommodation center. Installation at the center.
Picnicnic (not provided). 2h tree-climbing activity for 1 class and Parcours-Nature for the other class, discovering the fauna and flora of the undergrowth on a landscaped trail supervised by the center’s guides and the groups reverse for the rest of the afternoon.

2nd day: 1 class in the morning on 2h30 tree-climbing activity and “orientation course” for the other class supervised by the center’s guides and in the afternoon they reverse. Picnic.

3rd day: 1 class in the morning on 2h30 tree climbing activity and short hike for the other class supervised by the center’s guides and in the afternoon they reverse. Picnic.


Suc et Sentenac welcome center, full board from dinner on day 1 to lunch on the last day.

Price includes

full-board accommodation from dinner on the 1st day to lunch on the last day

the activities mentioned above supervised by state-qualified instructors.

Price does not include



April to June and September to October

Price per person – based on 25 children

Children €122 (under 12)
Adults: €88

1 free admission for every 10 children + free driver

Office de Tourisme des Pyrénées Ariégeoises
La Résidence, 6 Avenue Théophile Delcassé
Gisèle Lacassin : 05 61 64 90 31 – groupes@pyrenees-ariegeoises.com