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Sport, Pedestrian sports, Hiking itinerary in Val-de-Sos
6.3 km
2h 30min
Very easy
  • This itinerary makes a loop from Vicdessos to Oblier. It's an ideal opportunity to visit the ancient château de Montréal de Sos, a vassal seigneury of the Counts of Foix, perched on its rocky outcrop overlooking Auzat and Vicdessos.

  • Access: drive to Vicdessos on the D8, park near the tourist office at the entrance to the village.
  • Guidebook with maps/step-by-step
    (D/A) From Vicdessos town hall (fountain at 707m), head for the bridge at the village exit (yellow markings), turn right after crossing it, and leaving the D208 uphill, follow straight on to the Bexanelle campsite. The road leaves the campsite on the right and continues towards Auzat. The bridge soon takes you back to the left bank. You pass the church perched on the right. Turn right to enter the old workers' housing estate. Just before the crossroads, take the Saleix footbridge on the left and follow the D8 for 300m, which bends to the right. Don't miss the campsite road on the left.

    0h30 - CAMPING DE LA VERNIERE. The path skirts the stadium on the left as you return to the Vicdessos. Narrow at first between low walls. You can see the Forge bridge, but go left. Follow the yellow signposted path.

    1h15 - OLBIER (900m). You're in Olbier on Rue du Fontanal. To visit Château de Montréal. At the viewpoint over Auzat and Saleix, turn right... Reach the village entrance. At the garages, take the downhill path (yellow markings) on the left, and begin a descent into the woods overlooking Vicdessos, which will take you to the La Bexanelle campsite in Vicdessos, where you leave the campsite.

    2h30 - A - Arrive at the village entrance bridge, cross it and you're in front of the town hall.
  • Departure
  • Difference in height
    208 m
  • Access: drive to Vicdessos on the D8, park near the tourist office at the entrance to the village.
  • Environment
    • Forest location
    • Village centre
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • Documentation
    GPX / KML files allow you to export the trail of your hike to your GPS (or other navigation tool)
208 meters of difference in height
  • Maximum altitude : 910 m
  • Minimum altitude : 707 m
  • Total positive elevation : 208 m
  • Total negative elevation : -208 m
  • Max positive elevation : 161 m
  • Min positive elevation : -191 m
  • Equipment
    • Car park
    • Free car park
  • Services
    • Pets welcome
      • Pets allowed on leash only.